Potted Forest

How to inhabit an oak tree forest in a sloped site? Casa Encinos reveals a garden drawn by hard wood and forest species. Simple moments were built as subtle wayfinding features: meandering paths in between the existing trees, a terraced playground and wood steps from fallen trees. The elevated house is surrounded by a lush garden where elderflowers and passifloras reach the terraces height. A collection of clay pots was planted with Japanese and Mexican forest species. The site benefits from an intermittent stream where a series of water retaining walls and a circular pool were built with gabion and stone walls to allow the rainwater to infiltrate the ground and enjoy its volatile presence.

Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Year: 2020

Size: 0.9 ha

Landscape architecture: Estudio Ome

Architecture: Rozana Montiel and Claudia Rodríguez

Photography: Alex Raduan