Malinalli Garden

Malinalli Garden is growing 2 hours away from Mexico City, in the ancient town of Malinalco. It was named after the endemic plant Malinalli Muhlenbergia macroura, a golden grass with medicinal properties.

Two great oak trees gave the main structure to the new garden. They allowed stone paths to slalom in between their trunks and open-up to a sunny circle of grass. A new layer of fruit trees came to broaden the existing diversity: mango tree, black cherry trees, plum tree, citrus trees, pear and loquat trees.

A series of water features such as a jacuzzi and fountains were designed to guide the visitors along the stone paths.The two volcanic stone fountains were inspired by prehispanic hydraulic engineering pieces.

Location: Malinalco, Morelos, Mexico
Year: 2022
Size: 1660 m²
Landscape architecture: Estudio Ome
Photo: Alex Raduan